About Us

We?셱e a group of outdoorsy cat lovers who started AdventureCats.org as a resource for people looking for safe ways to explore the great outdoors with their feline friends. We also want to challenge negative stereotypes about cats and the people who love them in order to increase shelter cat adoptions.

Laura Moss
Editor-in-chief and Co-founder

Laura has been an outdoors lover and total cat lady all her life. She?셲 written about pets professionally for more than five years and been featured on Animal Radio, WAMU?셲 Animal House and the ASPCA?셲 PetDay Adoptable Hangout. In addition to AdventureCats.org, her work has appeared on Mother Nature Network, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, Forbes, HLN and HowStuffWorks. She has a bachelor’s and master?셲 degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina, and she?셲 the mother of a timid rescue dog and two mischievous rescue kitties whom she?셲 clicker trained and leash trained. Laura is also the author of the Adventure Cats book, which will be published by Workman in spring 2017. Get in touch with Laura on Twitter, or email her if your message has more than 140 characters.

Cody Wellons
Creative Director and Co-founder

Cody has been involved in the design world for more than 10 years and been an animal lover and outdoorsman for even longer. He?셲 worked as the art director for an international automotive magazine, as well as the senior designer for an Atlanta marketing agency, specializing in national restaurant chains and a variety of tech startups. He?셲 also a talented nature photographer and is well known in the feline world for providing an excellent lap for cat napping. He?셲 the proud father of the same rescue dog and kitties as AdventureCat.org?셲 other co-founder.

Jamie Brooks
CommuniCATions Director

Jamie is a marketing and communications professional with more than eight years of experience at award-winning advertising and PR agencies. She has managed integrated marketing campaigns for national brands in industries including health, beauty, fitness and technology. Jamie has been a self-professed cat lady since she rescued her first kitty, Boo, while she was in college. She is now a proud parent to her second cat, Spiffy J. Brooks. She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina. Email Jamie혻to discuss media and partnership opportunities with Adventure Cats. You can also follow her on Twitter to learn more about cats, coffee, Harry Potter, pop culture and more.



Anna Norris
Senior Editor

Anna Norris is a prominent Atlanta cat photographer and co-owner of Snowflake, a prominent Atlanta cat model. Anna has written about cats, flowers, funky bugs and a variety of other nature-related topics for Mother Nature Network’s Photo Blog, and is passionate about all things social media. She brings years of experience photographing nature, special events, [cat] portraits and more to AdventureCats.org. She has a degree in journalism from Georgia State University and has worked with such organizations as the Wanderlust Yoga Festival, the Georgia Aquarium and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Email Anna.

Kristen Bobst
Contributing Editor

Kristen Bobst is a new-media writer based out of LA. She has a cat named Sherman and a boat named Kraken, and she hopes that one day Sherman will sail the seas when the Kraken is released from port. Kristen is a graduate of the University of Southern California?셲 Screenwriting MFA program. She has written environmental-educational apps for kids as well as several scripts featuring talking animals. Sherman believes he will be the feline star of her next screenplay, and he just might be right!

Liz Cox

In the early 1980s, Liz?셲 parents gave her a box of crayons, and she hasn?셳 stopped drawing since. This passion for art led to a degree in graphic design and illustration, and since then, Liz has worked as a freelance designer. She?셲 brought her gift for illustration to books, classroom materials, logos, signage and even her own line of greeting cards. Liz often draws inspiration from her pets ??two rescue cats and a rescue dog ??and says an illustration isn?셳 complete until her cat Indie gives her the required nibble of approval. Learn more about Liz.



China DeSpain
Staff Writer

China is a lifelong animal lover and cat whisperer. She was assigned the “pet beat” during her college journalism internship and has been writing about animals ever since. China is a freelance writer and editor whose work has appeared on Ecorazzi, The Mother Nature Network, Care2, Plan Your Meetings and more. She is pursuing her MFA in creative writing at Lesley University and plans to follow that with doctoral work in cat-spooning. She is co-caretaker to two lazy cats who will only hike as far as the nearest cardboard box. Follow her on Twitter.


Melissa Veres
Staff Writer

Melissa Veres is a reformed feline hater, writer and oh-my-god-where-did-you-all-come-from family wrangler. She has a penchant for chocolate, alcohol, kitten snuggles, all things Harry Potter and books that are impossible to put down. When she isn’t writing smutty books, she’s cheering on the newest adventure cat in her life and praying her kids and dogs will stop eating the cat poop. She also thinks you are beautiful, and did you do something new to your hair?

Kai Fang
Cat Strategy Officer

Kai is Adventure Cats’ CSO and brings with him more than two decades of advertising experience developing strategic communications for Fortune 500 companies and leading advocacy groups across the country. He adopted his cat, David O, from Joy for All – Companion Pets. As a first-time cat parent, he didn?셳 know what to expect, but feline ownership has been much easier than he anticipated. He’s surprised at how little David O eats and how rarely he uses the litter box. Kai is in the process of training David O to be an adventure cat, and you can follow their journey on Twitter. Kai has dedicated his single life to helping cats live nine lives to the fullest.




Nicole Milliken-Monte
Video Director/Producer

Nicole has been a storyteller her whole life, and she?셲 grateful to call it her career. She?셲 created narrative videos for Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and governmental and independent organizations. When she?셲 not behind a camera, she writes children?셲 picture books under the pen name Birdy Jones. She lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, with her family, which includes three cats: Egon, Shark, and Hopscotch. She is not below working for doughnuts ??or kitten snuggles.